Which BRF member are you?

It’s finally possible to join the BRF Foundation!
The campaign about “which BRF member are you?” is very important for us because, as a non-profit foundation, we survive only with donations from those interested in our research and from those who are interested to join, in order to have a fast track for all our events,  to attend meetings for exclusive members and more…
If you want to know more read on. To sum up the benefits of being a member and the process that leads to a candidate we have summarized how in five simple questions/ answers. Enjoy the reading!
Why become a member of the BRF Foundation?
Because you are informed monthly of the most important scientific research concerning the world of the brain and neuroscience. Because you have a fast track to all the seminars and courses that BRF Foundation organizes, and of course you have a reduced price and in some cases, the ability to access it for free. Because you have the opportunity to take part in events reserved exclusively for members. Because you become an integral part of a living body, who wants to do research and spread knowledge!
Whattypes of members are there?
There are three types of members: junior members (under 30), regular members and supporting members. Each subscription type has a different fee: 10 EUR for junior members,  50  EUR for regular members and 100 EUR for supporting members. The fee can be paid by bank transfer or via paypal, the BRF Foundation immediately issue a receipt of payment.
If i am a company and want to make a donation to the BRF Foundation  to become a supporting member, how can i do?
Since all supporting members have different needs, by writing to soci@fondazionebrf.org you can have specific answers to every type of company involvement.
How can i become a member of the BRF Foundation?
To join BRF simply send an email to soci@fondazionebrf.org, you will receive a form to fill out to submit your application. The application will be examined quickly by BRF Administrator Council as indicated by the Statute. 
Members will receive a temporary card, followed by a final numbered card with name and surname. Entering the our mailing list is immediate.
What should i do if i want to know more?
Contact us by email to soci@fondazionebrf.org and we will try to answer all your questions as soon as possible!
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