Evaluation of Neurovegetative Variables in Patients with Bipolar Disorder

The project involves the use of non-invasive wearable instrumentation that allows a continuous monitoring of neurovegetative variables in patients affected by bipolar disorder. 
In this study we will capture two signals: cardiac variability (Heart Rate -HR- and Heart Rate Variability -HRV-) and physical activity expressed in terms of amount of movement.
The project provides for a first phase in which the PeakTM (Basis) system will be used. 
This system is consisting of a clock with motion sensors and capable of capturing the cardiac beat through photopletysmography. 
Currently this system is able to acquire these two signals continuously for about 5 days and it is coupled to user interface, through a mobile application specially developed (Smartphone), that allows to scan captured data and receive remote notifications. 
The data collected will be analyzed in order to study possible correlations between the neurovegetative profile of patients and clinical status.
The project will be carried out in collaboration with University of Pisa